Principal Base of Operations:

Songbird Airways
121 Alhambra Plaza, Suite 1700
Coral Gables, FL 33134
PH: 407.872.0606 | 407.428.1400

Our Mission

Our Team’s mission is to provide the highest level of service, assuring overall client satisfaction while delivering a safe, compliant and exceptional travel experience while building strong, long-term relationships enriching the lives of our customers, employees and community.

Core Values

      Truth — Always present, always pursued

      Integrity — Start with it, finish with it, live with it

      Commitment — Our binding promise to perform

About Songbird Airways

Songbird Airways is a charter airline, operating Boeing 737 aircraft under Code of Federal Regulations Part 121 with roots dating back to the 1990's.  Originally established to serve the air travel requirements of professional sports franchises, Songbird now operates on behalf of tour operators, collegiate and professional sports teams, the entertainment industry and other airlines in need of supplemental aircraft operations.  Operating in strict adherence to all applicable Federal Aviation Regulations and oversight by the Federal Aviation Administration, Songbird maintains the industry’s highest of safety standards.   

Configuration of Songbird’s B737-400 aircraft currently provides 150 passenger seats, 12 Business Class and 138 Coach Class.  Songbird is approved to provide all business class configurations, from 48 First Class Seats and multiple Dining Tables, and up to 68 Business Class Seats and a combination of dining / meeting tables.   

Songbird’s owners, management and employees are committed to assuring the industry standard is exceeded at every opportunity; our focused and dedicated professionals are committed to safety, regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction.


Our President/CEO

Frank J. Visconti

Our 119 Directors

Director of Safety and Compliance  (119.65 (a) (1))  — William Pletzke

Director of Operations (119.65 (a) (2)) — Doug McGowan

Chief Pilot (119.65 (a) (3)) —Naresh Maharaj 

Director of Maintenance (119.65 (a) (4)) — Mark Barry

Director of Quality Control/Chief Inspector  (119.65 (a) (5)) — Emory White